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Learn and practice skills to take your leadership to the next level. Emerge classes are highly interactive and led by a diverse group of community leaders who are experts in their field and in practicing servant leadership. A new session begins June 18th, 2024. Don’t miss this opportunity. For more information and to register:

Leadership SBM Programs Make a Difference

Programs offered by Leadership SBM are based on the servant leadership model: first to serve then to lead. We achieve this by immersing our participants in activities designed to know themselves, to learn about their community, and to practice leadership skills, so they can match their passions and their gifts with the needs of the community to achieve positive and lasting change.


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Youth Program


Here at Leadership we believe wholeheartedly that young people are not only the leaders of tomorrow but fully capable of being the leaders of today. That is why since 1992 we have equipped every class with the requisite skills, knowledge, and self-awareness to be successful in their later professional endeavors and also the confidence and wherewithal to tackle difficult issues in the here and now.

Emerge Program

Launched in 2014 as part of Leadership’s 40th anniversary celebration, the Emerge Program was created to offer direction, guidance, and fresh opportunities to both young professionals and those recently placed in leadership positions. With a focus on developing greater self-awareness, problem-solving, and team-building skills through a mix of interactive class learning, engaging guest speakers, and pertinent case studies, the program provides every member of its class the tools for future leadership success.

Signature Program

Focused and directed towards solving local problems through the education and collaboration of budding leaders, Leadership SBM’s Signature Program provides an immersive and rewarding pathway towards both self-actualization and community development. With a strong emphasis on foundational leadership skills, professional networking and practical application, the Signature Program has been finetuned over the last 45 years to provide the local community with the leaders it needs and the leadership our community deserves.