Community Partnership–Faith Stull, enFocus Fellow, helps Leadership SBM Plan for the Future

Since August 2020, Leadership SBM has had the opportunity to partner with enFocus South Bend to work on a sustainable business plan to guide our organization for the future. After submitting a proposal to enFocus, Faith Stull, first year fellow, choose to work with us on this project. Over the past months, Faith has done a deep dive into the past and present of Leadership SBM to create a sustainable plan for our future.

Learn more about Faith in her own words:

My name is Faith Stull, and I was born and raised in Walkerton, Indiana. I am attached to the Northern Indiana region because of the opportunities and inhabitants it harbors. I received my Bachelor of Arts from IU South Bend and my Master of Science from Purdue University-Fort Wayne. During my studies, I was able to explore my interests in a hands-on way via conducting research on military friendly organizations and veteran transitions, teaching, and assisting local organizations with improving their onboarding processes. Through these opportunities, I developed a deep interest in community engagement and found enjoyment in confronting complex problems. These interests led me to enFocus as an intern and now as a First Year Fellow.

In spite of my lifelong residency in Northwestern Indiana, I am still learning about the region I call home. enFocus has prompted me to view the area through a new lens. As a resident, I looked fondly upon the region because it was a wonderful place to grow up, but I always assumed fulfilling my professional goals would eventually force me to relocate. I am happy to report that I was mistaken!  I began to learn of all the new possibilities in the area through my internship with enFocus in the summer of 2019. As an intern, I was able to explore new places, meet new people, and learn that impactful opportunities exist close to home. This experience reinforced my partiality for the region, but it also opened my eyes to future prospects as a Fellow. enFocus gave me a new perspective and I now view the region as a hub for innovation. Most importantly, I believe I don’t have to compromise my career aspirations to remain near my home community.

Every day—whether it be through assisting strategic planning for a large school district, crafting a business model for a small nonprofit, or supporting a countywide quality of life initiative—I am an active participant in catalyzing change and creating impact. I am giving back to the region I call home while exploring all that it has to offer. I consider that a win-win!