Alumni Spotlight: Steve Funk

Name: Steve Funk

Leadership Class: 32

Employer & Title/Position: WNIT, Associate General Manager & VP Development

How would you define leadership/What does it mean to be a leader?
A leaders is someone who empowers those around him/her, leads by example and gives back in all they do.
Whatever the endeavor, a leader focuses on what is good for all including what makes our community a better place.

How did your time with Leadership South Bend|Mishawaka help in your career growth?
I went through Leadership when I was with the South Bend Tribune. It not only helped me to learn about this community, but it helped me to understand and love this community. It has become home. When my position at the Tribune was eliminated, it was through Leadership and Rotary that I found the contacts and support to end up at WNIT and stay in the area.

What is your favorite Leadership memory?
The many contacts and friendships that I made during Leadership that are still strong to this day.

Did your Leadership experience motivate you to give back to the South Bend/Mishawaka community?
Absolutely. I give financially but also through time. I am a volunteer on a United Way funding panel, having chaired the panel for the past three years.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself:
My wife and my two daughters are the most important things in the world to me. This area has become our home and we love it here!